updated:   2018-05-22
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Title Picture
阿彌陀佛像(北傳金身坐像)-大張 Amitaba Buddha
Paper Poster
BP090 53 * 76.5 (cm)
阿彌陀佛像(金身坐像)-中張 Amitaba Buddha
Middle Paper Poster
BP091 43.5 * 31 (cm)
印度菩提迦耶正覺大塔 本師釋迦牟尼佛聖像(大張海報) Namo Sakyamuni Buddha
Paper Poster
BP216 77 * 43 (cm)

If you would like to order the picture(s), please tell us about the number, title and the amount of Buddha pictures for each title that you wish to order.

For Example :
1. BP001 Namo Amitaba Paper Poster one copy.
2. BP002 Namo Amitaba Middle Paper Card three copy.

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