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1. All multiple applications with different names, addresses, emails or applications will be cancelled. For more than 5 books, please list the book No. and the quantity in one application with the purpose or reason described briefly for our reference.
2. It will take you one to six months to get the material from the ordering date because of a great amount of orders from the public. Please be patient and don’t request again before receiving the material.
3. "★" For advanced learners, describing the reason for requesting the series of books is necessary. It is our top priority to provide to temples, libraries or Buddhist organizations for collection and research purposes.
4.Occasionally custom duty will be asked at some local post office when you pick up the parcel. If you refuse to pay books will not be sent because the parcel will be returned to us and it will cause the lost of public money.
5. Please offer your full address or we will not send you books because books might be returned.
6. If possible, please download Dharma talks from our website instead of asking us to send you MP3 CD or DVD because it will be faster and it's more environmentally friendly.
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Apply for Individual, The Total Quantity of This Application is Limited to Five Books.

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Since a limited number of Materials , as application for more than 5 books ,
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